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The Interview 2014
7.0 of 733

The Interview

HD 6.50 112 min
Egotistical yet charismatic entertainment interviewer Dave Skylark, who has a frat boy mentality in needing the "money" moment in anything he does and who is not the brightest light in the world, was nothing until his producer of ten years, Aaron Rapaport, now his best friend, came on board his pop culture based interview television show, Skylark Tonight. After running into a former journalism school colleague, Aaron begins to lament not working in a harder hitting news milieu. As such, Aaron, after learning that the subject in question is a big fan of Dave's, convinces Dave that who he should interview is North Korean dictator Jong-Un Kim, his totalitarian regime which has just been able to achieve a missile strike reaching as far as the west coast of the United States from the Korean peninsula. Although the negotiations with the North Koreans do not end quite the way Aaron wants, he is still able to secure what will be the planned live worldwide broadcast interview, with he and Dave needing to travel to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to do so. It is then that CIA Agents Lacey and Botwin approach Dave and Aaron with their ask for the country: for Dave to assassinate Kim, it which can never be tied back to them (much to Dave's chagrin in again wanting that money moment of glory for himself) or the United States in any way. Landing in North Korea, Dave and Aaron find that some of their preconceived perceptions are different than what they experience. As the plan starts to go sideways for one reason or another, as they have to sift through what is real and what is fantasy, as they have to sift through who and who not to trust, and as they begin to reassess what they are actually about to do and their priorities, it looks as if Dave and Aaron may not make it out this situation alive. But in the process, Dave may discover something about himself and of what he is capable.


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