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Royal New Year's Eve 2017
5.6 of 172

Royal New Year's Eve

HD 6.30 84 min
Caitlyn Enderby has been cold-hearted Abigail Miller's assistant for one year, Abigail the editor-in-chief at Appliqué, a New York based fashion magazine. Abigail has no idea and wouldn't care that Caitlyn is herself an aspiring designer as Abigail does whatever she can to promote the fashions of her own daughter, Leighton Miller, who wants her work to stand on its own merit. An Appliqué-sponsored fashion show a few days after Christmas highlighting many of Leighton's designs takes on increased importance when Abigail learns that Prince Jeffrey and Lady Isabelle are coming to New York to host a charity function on New Year's Eve, Appliqué also providing support for that event. The scuttlebutt is that the Prince is going to ask Lady Isabelle to marry him at the New Year's Eve ball, and Abigail sees Lady Isabelle wearing a Leighton Miller original at that time providing Leighton major exposure. In the process of the work needed both for the fashion show and the charity event, Caitlyn initially mistakens the Prince for a working Joe wanting to break into the modeling profession. That misunderstanding stems largely from the Prince wanting to be plain old "Jeff" while he's in New York, something that Isabelle does not understand in she steeped in the tradition of their monarchy, which includes many of their major life decisions made for them, including who should marry who. Out of circumstance, Isabelle sees one of Caitlyn's designs and decides that she'd like Caitlyn to make her dress for the New Year's Eve ball when the Prince will pop the question. Incensed, Abigail does whatever she can not only to promote a Leighton design as what Isabelle should choose, but to overwhelm Caitlyn with work for the charity function so that there is no way she can fulfill the contract with Isabelle. Abigail's actions have an unintended consequence in throwing the Prince and Caitlyn together. The question then becomes if there will be a fairy-tale ending for Caitlyn against the odds in being a commoner.


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