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Road to Christmas 2018
7.8 of 37

Road to Christmas

HD 6.80 84 min
Maggie Baker is now head producer for lifestyle guru Julia Wise's Los Angeles-based national television show, her annual Christmas special which is always the hallmark of the series. Not one averse to risk, Maggie gets the green light for Julia's Christmas special, to air Christmas Eve, to be a one hundred percent live show for the first time to be shot at her Vermont farmhouse. Although that means that Maggie and much of the staff will not be able to go home for Christmas, they, including Maggie, don't mind the alternative of spending it with Julia, who has made her staff feel like a family. With one week to go until the special, the network and by association Julia get cold feet about the live idea. Without telling Maggie beforehand, Julia decides to bring in the former producer who worked the specials before Maggie started working there to revamp the special to a traditionally taped one, that person who just happens to be Julia's son Danny Wise, who now works making documentary short subjects. This move does not sit well with Maggie who feels her job is at risk despite Julia's assurances to the contrary. Maggie is ultimately able to convince Julia to combine the live show with pre-taped segments highlighting family Christmas traditions across the country, Julia ultimately assigning both Danny and Maggie to find and film those taped segments as they travel from Los Angeles to Vermont. Both Maggie and Danny know they have to overcome their animosity to make the show work. With Danny already scheduled to be at the farmhouse, his mother with who he has not spent a Christmas in years, Maggie comes up with a side plan which she tells no one until it's enacted: that on her and Danny's cross country trip, they will conveniently stop along the way to gather Danny's two brothers, David and Derek - the three Wise men - to convince them also to spend Christmas with their mother as a family. As Maggie and Danny not only get over their animosity but start to fall for each other, their newfound relationship may be placed at risk by Maggie meddling in Wise family affairs without really knowing the back story behind the Wise brothers and Christmas, and by Danny's future beyond Christmas Eve.


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