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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 2016
6.1 of 1853

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

HD 6.00 98 min
Young adult brothers Mike and Dave Stangle work together as liquor salesmen in the support that older Mike needs in his life in general, they ending up feeding off each other often in not the best ways with negative end results. They are told by their parents Burt and Rosie and their younger sister Jeanie that they chasing after girls is the root cause of the disasters that always occur at family events. As such, Burt, Rosie and Jeanie mandate that Mike and Dave bring "good girl" dates to Jeanie's upcoming destination wedding in Hawaii to her straight laced fiancé Eric, their dates the only women to who they are allowed to pay any attention at the occasion. Mike and Dave willingly go along with the directive in doing anything for Jeanie for who they have always acted as protectors. Not knowing any suitable girls, Mike and Dave post a video ad on Craigslist to find those dates, that video which goes viral which leads to an appearance on a national daytime talk show for further exposure. The women they choose as their dates end up not being any of those they interviewed in response to their ad or saw them on the show, but rather friends Tatiana and Alice, a second grade school teacher and venture capitalist respectively, that they just happen to meet in a bar, Tatiana and Alice who knew nothing about the video or talk show. In reality, Tatiana and Alice, who really did know about the video and talk show, maneuvered their way into meeting Mike and Dave as Tatiana figured real good girls wouldn't respond to such an ad. They are not as good and responsible as they made themselves out to be as really recently fired bar waitresses who consider themselves partiers. Tatiana figured that Alice, recently dumped at the altar, needed a good vacation, they in the process planning on doing as little with Mike and Dave in Hawaii as possible in having that all expenses paid Hawaiian vacation. Regardless of what Mike, Dave, Tatiana and Alice do or don't do together in Hawaii, it may be an explosive mix, more potent than just Mike and Dave together, or just Tatiana and Alice together, which may thus result in a Stangle family event for the history books.


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