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Girls Trip 2017
6.4 of 4311

Girls Trip

HD 6.20 122 min
Writer and lifestyle guru Ryan Pierce, often touted as a mixture of the next Oprah Winfrey/Martha Stewart, and her Florida A and M college sweetheart husband, former football star Stewart Pierce, have developed themselves into a successful brand in providing inspiration to the world. Their manager, Elizabeth Davelli, has not only managed to get Ryan the keynote speaker position at this year's Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, but also a meeting for both in New Orleans with Bethany Marshall of major retailer Best Mart to discuss a potential lucrative partnership including a lifestyle television show, which would put them on the top echelon of their business. What Ryan has not told anyone is there is problems in the marriage, Stewart who has cheated on her, something she is unaware still continues. That problem only masks Ryan's insecurity, her fear being exposed as a fraud to her fans. Ryan decides to invite her three best friends from college, they who were known as the Flossy Posse, to New Orleans for the VIP/five star weekend. Graduating approximately twenty years ago, they, at the time, believed they would be BFFs, but time and changes in their lives have led to them not hanging out together as a group in five years. Sasha Franklin, once a respected journalist, has for various reasons become a celebrity gossip blogger and is now broke, close to losing everything which she has not told the others in the posse. The party girl in college, divorced Lisa Cooper has become the conservative nurturer, her entire focus now on her two children and her career as a nurse rather than herself, sex which has been non-existent since the divorce. And Dina was and still is the type that will do whatever she wants and state her mind without fear of whatever the possible consequences, which has just led to her being fired from her latest job. This mixture of circumstances in their lives, especially desperate Sasha possibly going to extreme lengths for dirt on anyone famous this weekend for money, may end up testing their friendship, that test exacerbated if things for Ryan and Sasha spiral downward out of control.


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