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Falling for You 2018
7.3 of 57

Falling for You

HDRip 6.60 84 min
Lacey Hathaway has her own show on WPVK 88.1 FM in small town Pleasant Valley. Having moved around with her musician parents growing up, Lacey, in wanting some grounding, decided to settle in Pleasant Valley living at the Hathaway Guest House owned by her maternal Aunt Patty Hathaway, who also runs her own bakery in town, Patty Cakes. Lacey sees the station as the heart of the town, and she as being able to facilitate much of the community's connection to each other through it. Because the station has lost a good chunk of their funding, Lacey, despite not being detailed oriented to even think about what needs to be done, is organizing the Bachelor Bake-Off, a fundraiser to make up that financial deficit to keep the station afloat. At the core of the bake-off is four of the town's most eligible bachelors auctioning off some of their baked goods and themselves as dates, the auction only a small fraction of the revenue generation of the fundraiser. The current three week guest at the guest house is Zac Malone, a software engineer for a Boston based start-up. Zac has developed new user friendly software for small town accounting, he working with Ben Harten, the City Hall Treasurer, to iron out all the final bugs before the software is placed on the market. To some in town, Zac could be seen as the cause of the station's financial issue as it is the town's contribution that got cut, Ben discovering their own budgeting errors in using the new software. Besides the funding, Lacey and Zac find they are like oil and water: Lacey is all about embracing the moment, while Zac is a basic "black coffee", precise kind of guy. Despite he not knowing how to bake and not really having the time with work, Lacey is able to convince a still reluctant Zac to be the fourth bachelor when Lacey's star bachelor has to pull out at the last minute, they making a quid pro quo arrangement: Lacey will teach him how to bake, while he will help her with what is the biggest mystery to her in organizing the event, namely the financial planning. In working and living together, Lacey and Zac find that they are starting to fall for each other in their realization that they both, at the core of their beings, just want to help those in need. The question then becomes if they can overcome their other differences in life, such as the big city/small town gap, for a happily-ever-after.


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