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Die Another Day 2002
7.4 of 305

Die Another Day

HD 6.10 133 min
James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent into North Korea to take out rogue North Korean Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee). Bond takes the place of a man with whom the Colonel does business. Bond put everything in place, but just as Bond was about to do the job, the Colonel finds out who Bond is. He was about to kill Bond when Bond placed his plan in motion, which caused enough confusion for him to get away. He then chases the Colonel. In the end, the Colonel goes into the river and is believed to be dead. Bond is captured by the Colonel's father, General Moon (Kenneth Tsang), who then holds Bond for over a year. One day, the General takes Bond to the border where he is traded for the Colonel's right hand man. When Bond reaches M (Dame Judi Dench), he is knocked out. He then wakes up in a detention cell and M tells him, he was not rescued, he was extracted. It seems they were getting reports of confidential information coming out of the prison where Bond was being held, so they assume Bond was spilling his guts, which he denies doing. He then tells M that the Colonel somehow found out who he is from someone in the West who was giving the Colonel info, his father, the General confirmed it. Bond deduces that this person made it appear he was giving information so that they would trade him for the Colonel's man, which is what it was all about. M tells Bond he is no longer an Agent, and is on his way to their detention center. But Bond gets out and then goes to see the Chinese, who want to see the Colonel's man dead because he killed some Chinese officials for which he was captured. They then send Bond to Cuba where they say the man is now. Bond learns he is at a special clinic where some unusual treatments are going on. Bond goes to the clinic and finds him undergoing a treatment to change his appearance, but Bond interferes and tries to get him to tell him who his inside source is, but he gets away and the clinic is blown up by a woman Bond met before going to the clinic. Bond takes something off the man and learns it's diamonds, which are marked as being the property of Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens), a Norweigian who supposedly found diamonds in an ice field, but Bond says they look like African conflict diamonds, which was amongst the things the Colonel was into. So Bond decides to check out Graves. After their first meeting which was not exactly cordial, Bond gets a message to meet M and he tells her what he thinks of Graves. She allows him to pursue his suspicions.


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