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Cassandra's Dream 2007
7.3 of 15

Cassandra's Dream

HD 6.60 108 min
South London brothers Ian and Terry Blaine are close despite their differences. Terry is the physical one working as a mechanic. He drinks, gambles and pop pills a little too much, but is in love with his devoted girlfriend, Kate. Ian is the smart one who has returned to work in the family restaurant business ever since their father, Brian Blaine, suffered a heart attack. Ian, who has but a few savings, always has some big scheme on the go, the latest a hotel venture in Los Angeles. Brian expects Ian to take over the restaurant someday, something that Ian has no intention of doing, the thought of which to him is death. Most of what the family has, including the restaurant, can be attributed to the boys' maternal uncle, Howard Swann, a successful plastic surgeon with clinics around the world. Weak Brian feels somewhat emasculated as his wife/the boys' mother, Dorothy Blaine, is always throwing Howard's success and Howard being the reason for anything they have had in life in his face. Although they collectively have no money to do it, the boys decide to purchase a small second-hand sailboat, it a remembrance of their childhood when Uncle Howard took them sailing. The boys eventually are able to afford it as Terry comes into a gambling windfall, they naming the boat Cassandra's Dream, after the greyhound at the track that financed most of it. Things for them both seem to be falling into place: Terry is on a gambling hot streak, which is allowing him and Kate to think about buying a place of their own; Ian has met who he believes is the girl of his dreams, actress Angela Stark, although he doesn't realize that in pursuing Angela, he has has casually tossed aside Lucy, a waitress at the restaurant; and with Angela, the Los Angeles deal becomes more of a reality if only because Ian places more of his efforts on it. One other issue with Angela is that he has portrayed himself as this wealthy businessman, he borrowing money from Terry and flashy cars from Terry's customers for that façade. But when both the boys hit a financial downturn, they feel like they are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. So it is perfect timing when Uncle Howard comes for a visit, he who they believe can get them out of their financial issues and not be judgmental about their plight. He is as they believe, however there is a quid pro quo he would like in return. What Uncle Howard asks them is far beyond money, and in deciding what to do about Uncle Howard's proposition could potentially tear the brothers apart as long as they keep the secret and if they diverge in their thoughts about what to do.


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