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Casino Royale 1967
7.4 of 33

Casino Royale

HD 5.10 131 min
An unofficial and secret cooperative of the heads of British/French/American/Soviet intelligence try to persuade the original Sir James Bond 007 - known to be the greatest spy in history - to come out of retirement to work on a specific case: discover and stop the unknown forces that are murdering their collective agents. The womanizer who took over Sir James' name and number - who Sir James detests as sullying that good name and number by relying too much on gadgetry to get the work done - has moved onto other things, and Sir James' nebbish nephew Jimmy Bond has proved to be a disappointment as a spy and a man, and thus are not candidates for the job. Sir James politely declines, until a specific incident not only brings him out of retirement, but places him in the top job at MI6. Sir James eventually learns that it is SMERSH who is behind the murders. As such, Sir James amasses a team of agents all who are to named James Bond 007 - even the women - to confuse SMERSH. Among the ranks of new James Bond 007's, each who his or own specific duty, are: Coop, who is irresistible to women but will be trained to deny those feelings in return, as it has been proved that the demise of most of the agents was due to falling prey to sex; the Detainer, a newly devised secret weapon in a truly feminine form; wealthy Vesper Lynd, a former agent whose main role is to be the recruiter and handler for the next Bond on the list; Evelyn Tremble, a baccarat master, who will challenge SMERSH's financial agent, Le Chiffre, to a game at Casino Royale, this the primary means SMERSH is financed; and Mata Bond, Sir James and Mata Hara's illegitimate daughter, a dancer who will infiltrate an au pair service in East Berlin known to be a front for SMERSH's training center for their young, female operatives. Even if all the James Bond 007's are able to carry out their roles successfully, Sir James and the team will still have to discover the mastermind within SMERSH and his/her specific motive for the agent murders.


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