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Breaking and Entering 2006
7.8 of 9

Breaking and Entering

HD 6.50 120 min
Will and Liv, a Brit and a Swedish-American respectively, are in a ten year common law relationship. They live in London with Liv's thirteen year old daughter Bea, who, although never officially diagnosed, probably suffers from autism. The only thing that seems to keep Bea happy is doing gymnastics. As Bea's autism seemed to be getting worse, Liv decided both to take her into a therapist for treatment, and to quit working to be a full time stay at home mom. To Will, their household is divided into Liv and Bea in a cocoon on one side and him on the other. Liv, on the other hand, sees Will as not being true in his heart as a father to Bea. This difference has broken Will and Liv's relationship. Bea is probably only one reason why Will and Liv have never married. Will and his partner Sandy own and operate their own environmental architectural firm. They are working on a major development project which they believe will transform King's Cross into a place where people truly would want to be, as opposed to the largely poverty stricken neighborhood it currently is. To prove their commitment to the neighborhood, they have located their offices in King's Cross. A spate of robberies occur at their offices, the thieves able to gain entry through the roof and have seeming access to the security code, even after it is changed. One of the thieves is fifteen year old Miro. He and his mother Amira are Bosnian refugees, who had to leave behind her husband/his father in Bosnia out of circumstance. Miro is a chronic truant, he hanging out with his paternal cousin and uncle, the latter the mastermind of the heists, instead of going to school. Amira wants to protect her son from all that is bad in the world, which she knows includes her brother-in-law and his family. Will at one time states that it takes something to be broken before it can be fixed. Will on one side and Amira and Miro on the other enter each other's lives initially in ways the others don't even know, but may have profound effects in hopefully mending the breaks in their respective lives.


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