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Blueprint to the Heart 2020
9.0 of 5

Blueprint to the Heart

HD 6.30 90 min
Tiffany hosts and her friend Liz produces Renovation Project, the Home Design Channel's platinum standard - in every respect - television show, which is all about presenting restrained elegance, including of Tiffany, as shown by their high end sponsors. The show was originally produced by Tiffany's former boyfriend Haiden, who discovered her, the two who drifted apart as their careers progressed, Tiffany at the time working on perfecting her on-screen image. With increasing competition eating into the show's ratings including from Haiden's newly produced show Flip It Up also on the channel, Kimberly, one of the network executives, without telling Tiffany or Liz beforehand, brings back Haiden to co-produce, he to help usher in a repurposed show which in its current form may now be seen as repressed rather than restrained: instead of just a renovation of a house, the show would be a "renovation" of the homeowner as well, a complete lifestyle makeover if you will. Kimberly also demands that the first subject be Brooks, the last minute replacement carpenter for what was the last taped show in the old format. Kimberly liked the butting of heads between Brooks and Tiffany from unused footage that she saw, has already focus group tested Brooks, whose numbers were high, and that he seems like the type of person who needs a makeover in outwardly looking like he doesn't care about how he presents himself. Tiffany needing to dangle a carrot in front of him, Brooks is a reluctant participant in not believing he needing a makeover, which in turns leads to on camera torment purposefully by Brooks toward Tiffany in she tormenting him purely by being the boss of the process. Once they let their guard down and discover more about the other including why Brooks' house with the good foundation largely sits empty, Tiffany and Brooks seem to be teetering on the verge of romantic feelings for the other. What may prevent them from taking that leap on the personal side are Haiden's admission to her that he returned to the show largely in wanting to get back together, and if Tiffany makes a major decision with the renovation/makeover that hurts Brooks in favor of good television, a strong possibility as she learns this show with Brooks will be the deciding factor whether Renovation Project: Lifestyles or Flip It Up will be the sole survivor into HDC's new season.


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