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Autumn Dreams 2015
7.1 of 94

Autumn Dreams

HD 6.40 84 min
When he was nineteen, Ben Lawson worked as a hand on the Iowa farm of Hal and Jessica Hancock, and fell mutually in love with their eighteen year old daughter, Annie Hancock. At the end of the harvest season, Ben and Annie ended up eloping with their plan to move to New York City where Ben had a lead on a Wall Street job, but upon finding out about the marriage, Hal convinced them to get an annulment solely so that Annie could have a chance at what was her planned immediate life of college. It's now fifteen years later, and out of circumstances, the two have not seen or spoken to each other since. Ever since Hal died, Annie, who is now completing her Ph.D. requirements in agricultural sciences and is awaiting to hear about a grant concerning her academic work which would revolutionize their farm operation, now runs the farm and is engaged to Joe, the other farm hand who worked alongside Ben at the time and still works on the farm. Ben is now a successful and wealthy Wall Street investment broker engaged to Giovanna Jorgensen, a strong willed interior designer. In preparing Ben's prenup, his lawyer, Tony McAllister, discovers that the annulment papers were never finalized, meaning that Annie and Ben are still married in the eyes of the law. Upon receiving the news from Tony, Annie is required to come to New York City where she, Ben and Tony have to plead their case for an immediate divorce in front of a judge, Tony and Ben who hope to expedite the process only in that Ben and Giovanna are scheduled to get married this weekend. Both Annie and Ben are reluctant to tell either Joe or Giovanna about what is happening in neither even knowing that Annie and Ben got married fifteen years ago. As Annie and Ben deal with this process, with their respective wedding plans and romantic relationships, and with their busy professional lives, they may each see their current lives more clearly with the other having now reentered it. The question then becomes if they will allow their unresolved feelings for each other to take over the obstacles of being together again truly as husband and wife this time around.


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