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A Christmas Movie Christmas 2019
5.8 of 33

A Christmas Movie Christmas

HD 5.70 85 min
It's Christmas Eve, and sisters, roommates and best friends Eve and Lacy Bell are each having problems in their life. Eve, the type not wanting to rock the boat, is having problems at work at Marley Magazine as her boss, Mr. Peterson, who doesn't even know her name which she does not correct, gets her to do tasks below her capabilities, she a designer at heart which he may know but does not care. Eve immerses herself in Christmas romance movies, especially "Christmas in Christmas Cove" starring her favorite actor in the genre, Chad Matthew Munroe, their appeal which Lacy, beyond the fact of Munroe being eye candy, cannot understand in their predictability and cheesiness. Lacy, unlike Eve, does put herself out there in all aspects of her life, which has gotten her nowhere, especially in love, as demonstrated by her latest date standing her up. Before they go to sleep this night, each makes a Christmas wish as they donate to a street corner charity Santa. The next morning, they awaken to a situation and a world they don't recognize as their own. Eve comes to the realization that what they have awaken to is her Christmas wish granted: to live the life as the heroine in a typical Christmas romance movie. In seeing that Santa from the previous night, they find that they will have to live through this wish life to its conclusion, Christmas now one week away, as every Christmas romance movie cliché is thrown at them, including two men competing for Eve's affections, with Chad Matthew Munroe portraying one of them, the famous singing star, and there being a Scrooge of a character who looks remarkably like Mr. Peterson. While Eve lives out this, her fantasy, Lacy cannot understand what she is doing there in her dislike of such movies. This week will have to play itself out for both Eve and Lacy's questions about what this time in "Holiday Town" means for their real life when they go home.


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